"For a period of several months, Les provided me with personal boxing training.

The purpose of the training was to help me build stamina, relax my technique and develop punching combinations that were effective and which suited my ‘style’. His experience and depth of knowledge in various martial arts, together with his attention to detail, suited my needs. After a few weeks, the improvement was noticeable.
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At LB Posture Training my aim is to help you achieve your goals, whether that be in terms of improving your posture or your fitness.
Please find below some examples of where I have been able to assist my clients.
I accept that I will never be a threat to Manny Pacquiao but, there again, who is? I would recommend Les to anyone seeking effective and affordable personal training of a very high standard."
"I have trained with Les for a number of years and I can honestly say Les is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. Les uses his understanding of anatomy and body mechanics to adapt exercises to suit you, as he recognises we are all not made the same, and our bodies have different limitations.

Les knows when to push you, but and also when to give you a break. Through his encouragement and patience you’ll be able to achieve your own goals. Les will put every effort to take you wherever you want to go and beyond, and he will be with you at each step of the way. It will feel more like a team effort and an exciting challenge rather than a struggle to get your routine done. Personally, I was hooked to the training. I never thought I would progress as fast as I did and be able to perform techniques I’ve never even dreamt of before.
Recently Les has also helped me adjust my posture. A year ago I had neck surgery (cervical foramenotomy) whereby part of my neck vertebrae and ligaments were removed to free space for the nerve. I recovered well as thanks to training I was fit, however my neck was stiff and felt misaligned. I’ve had now a number of sessions with Les and my neck moves more freely now and feels back in the right position. I’ve also been given a number of exercises to strengthen the right muscles to make sure my neck stays aligned.

I would fully trust Les with my workouts. If you’ve got a special goal in mind, I can assure you that Les is the person to help you achieve that special dream."
"When Les told me about the process of Chinese massage, I jumped at the chance to try the treatment on my shoulder/deltoid.  I had damaged the shoulder during martial arts training and after resting it, chiropractic treatment and gentle massage nothing completely eased the pain.
The session lasted about 20 minutes, was non-invasive and actually quite relaxing.  Afterwards I felt some relief but knew that I would need to rest the shoulder for a couple of days to really feel the benefit.  I had planned on having another treatment within a week but it was not necessary.  I am completely pain free and now working on improving my strength after resting my shoulder for many months.
I would definitely recommend this treatment with Leszek.  He has research the method and is fully competent to apply the treatment.  His professionalism and knowledge in anatomy is of a high standard and works hard to ensure this clients receives the appropriate treatment”.

“After talking to Les about my training, gym and nutrition goals, he designed a training routine to suit my needs. My previous program was cardio heavy so he substituted a cardio day for another weights day working on 3 days in the gym a week. My concern was that my weight was falling but after two weeks of following Les' program my weight had stayed constant and after three weeks I could see a change in my body. Another issue he took into consideration was the short time I have in the gym. Les fitted a warm up, weights for all body and stretching exercises into a 30 to 45mins session with an update in 6 weeks.

With Les' experience in various martial arts disciplines, he was also able to tailor my program with karate in mind.”


“Each session with Les has been a very pleasant experience.  He is very professional at all times and talks me through the alignment techniques that he will do.  After a few sessions my back and knees felt so much better and the treatments have really helped my sciatica.  I would strongly recommend him.”

“I had strained my back putting my daughter in the car.  After resting it for a couple of days I realised that it was not getting much better so I asked Les if he could help with some alignment treatment and gentle massage.  After just three sessions I found that my back had completely eased and I was no longer in any pain.”

“I went to Les with a lower back complaint.  I found it very stiff to move and struggled sometimes when walking.  After the initial assessment, Les recommended some exercises and a series of Chinese Massage sessions to help solve the problem.  Les was very encouraging and empathetic.  He was clear with his instructions and demonstrated how to carry out the exercises well. With a combination of exercise and massage my back pain is reducing and I am getting more movement back.  I have and would recommend Les to anyone who is having back pain issues.”


Jonathan and Family (by Charlotte)

“…Les arrived and was here for three days a week for a month, doing exercises with Jon to strengthen his muscle base. Les devised a system of introducing boxing and elastic bands within every lesson for an hour and a half, along with massage.

Les has helped other members of the family with various back and knee problems and it would appear, although treatment such as this takes a while to show results, it is the consistency of approach that brings the results, as proven by Les.

I would like to thank Les for taking all the time that he did in providing all the information and exercise base along with giving Jonathan a huge boost in confidence, which he had lost, along with looking after all of us in remaining positive that everything would work well for Jon…”


"Les is professional, knowledgeable and friendly, but above all that he is effective.  I went to see him for a neck problem which he has successfully treated, but in addition to that he has also diagnosed and treated a problem I had no idea about! I now have better movement, feel a lot less stiff and generally feel better.  Les will only treat you for as long as needed, he will not make you commit to a number of sessions that you do no need like other professionals might.  He is always punctual, very flexible with appointments and very helpful, I highly recommend one session with him and you will notice a difference." 


"As a massage therapist myself, I have tried many massage/osteopathic/chiropractic therapies and Les is by far the best therapist I have had. I regularly recommend him to my clients and friends and they have also given excellent feedback as his treatment is very effective.

I suffer from neck pain and clicky hips and Les has helped with both. He corrected my misaligned hips and since then I have felt much better. I can even sleep on my back now which I have never been able to do before and I no longer suffer from any pain when I sleep on my side. Like most people, I had just put up with the pain but I am so glad I have met Les, I felt the release immediately and maintained it with a short course of treatments.

Les is a very knowledgeable but modest therapist who genuinely wants to help people. I would highly recommend him as his therapy is highly beneficial and he has a gentle and caring nature which puts you at ease. The fact that Les does home visits is very convenient for those with a busy schedule and no removal of clothing is required so it is non-intrusive. Anyone suffering from back pain or poor posture should definitely give him a try."


"I came across Les by a chance meeting and having received treatment from him am overwhelmed by his method and results.

Over three years ago I had a car accident, which resulted in three of my vertebrae being rotated.  Since this occurred I have often suffered with headaches and numbness in one of my arms and legs.  Having consulted orthopaedic doctors I was told that nothing could be done and that I can expect to experience these symptoms for the rest of my life.

Les tailors his approach to each individual and after just one treatment I have noticed a significant improvement.

It turns out that I can live a life without pain.  The treatment is virtually painless and the results exceeded my wildest expectations.  Les is both very professional and empathetic towards his clients.  As I live a long way away from Les he has directed me to another therapist that is closer to me and so has not left me alone without help.

I highly recommend Les’ therapy."